Association Staff

Board of Directors

Directors are elected by Members of the Association at each Annual Meeting, normally in September of each year.  There are currently 5 Directors.  Directors set policy at Regular Board Meetings typically held monthly on the fourth Thursday, and when necessary, at Special Board Meetings held at other times.

Five Directors were elected at the Annual Member Meeting in September 2018.  At the September 2019 meeting, there was not a quorum, and since only existing directors were on the ballot, they will continue until the next election.  However, one of the incumbent directors resigned, as he sold his home in Rio Crossing, and another volunteer was appointed to serve the remainder of his term.

Here is the list of current Directors:

  • Julia Anderson
  • Ray Harwood
  • Stephanie Hernandez
  • Cheri Li
  • Andres Montoya

Association Officers

Officers of the Association are appointed by the newly-elected Board at their first meeting.  The Bylaws specify the duties of the officers, which generally spans the time between Board Meetings.  Only the President must be a Director; the other officers can be non-Directors.

This list shows the current slate of officers:

  • Ray Harwood, President
  • Julia Anderson, Vice President
  • Stephanie Hernandez, Treasurer
  • Andres Montoya, Secretary

Management Company

Our current management company is PDS (short for Planned Development Services).  We are supported directly by one community manager and an administrative assistant, though there are numerous additional support staff that handle such things as accounting.

  • Lisa Riesland, Community Manager (see here for contact info)
  • Paula Conrad, Assistant


The only committee currently active is the Design Review Committee. For well over a year, the DRC was composed of only two members, but in early 2021 we were fortunate to have 4 additional volunteers from the community. We’re happy to have the additional assistance and interest!

  • Ray Harwood, Chair
  • Julia Anderson
  • Candice Davis
  • Monica Sierra
  • John Lavin
  • Joe Lowe