Customer Service

Our management company, Planned Development Services, or PDS for short, has a wonderful approach to customer service.

Rather than hiring separate staff to answer calls,  PDS rotates their community managers through the customer service call center. If you call our Community Manager Lisa and she is unable to take your call immediately, the call will automatically roll over to the customer service center, where another Community Manager will take your call — someone who does the same things Lisa does, day in and day out… not someone who sits in a cubical 5 days a week and doesn’t have the same level of knowledge that the community managers have.

With this approach, your call is most likely able to be handled and resolved on the first call — about 80% of the calls are.  And if your request does need to be relayed to Lisa, the person you’re talking with on the phone understands what information Lisa will need, and asks you the right questions, so when Lisa responds to you, you both are close to a solution.

Lisa’s contact information is kept updated here.