Board and Committee Meetings

Board Meetings

Big Changes with COVID!

As you might guess, the board no longer meets in person.  And we’ve done it now (as of September 2021) for about a year and a half, and frankly, we like meeting online via Zoom.

In-person meetings have previously been held at Palm Valley Community Center, Barbara Robey Elementary School, Estrella Mountain Community College, and the Avondale Civic Center.  Each of these either costs a lot (as much as $200 per meeting), is only available during certain times, or has given us numerous problems in terms of scheduling and consistency.  There are few places to meet that are available year-round, reasonably priced, and provide adequate meeting accommodations.

Zoom hasn’t failed us once, and doesn’t cost us anything.  We’ll probably stick with it for the foreseeable future.

Meeting notices are sent via “E-Blast” from PDS.  If you are registered on, you’ll get these notices, as well as access to your own account information.

Committee Meetings

Per Arizona statutes, regularly scheduled committee meetings should be announced and open to the members of the Association.

Design Review Committee

New Process Effective January 2021!!

The Design Review Committee no longer has regularly scheduled meetings.  Generally, Architectural Requests are reviewed for completeness reviewed independently by each member of the Design Review Committee.  If a group discussion is warranted, the DRC Chair will schedule a meeting electronically.  The request submitter may be invited to attend, in order to answer questions and help facilitate the process.  Decisions will be documented, along with any stipulations, in the SmartWebs Architectural Request system  by each member of the DRC, and the management company completes the processing ending with the notification to the submitter.

Some requests may be approved directly by the committee chair, if the request meets certain acceptance criteria, such as painting requests which specify established color schemes.