Community Weather Stations

There are two known personal weather stations I’m aware of in Rio Crossing.  Data from both of them are available from the Weather Underground, a service of The Weather Channel and IBM’s The Weather Company.  You can see the Rio Crossing area “Wundermap” at this link.

One station is located along Roma Ave near the Sells cul-de-sac, and Steve, the station’s owner, upgraded his system which now has lightning detection — look here for that and additional info.

The other station is designated Rio Crossing 2 – KAZAVOND23 and is located near Meadowbrook and 124th.
(This is my station. –Ray)

Note:  As of July 2018, Steve’s new system is currently “over-reporting” rain data when accompanied by dust storms.  For example, the week of July 09-13, Steve’s system reported 2.8 inches of rain, while my station reported about 0.81 inches.  it’s interesting to look at weather data from nearby communities too.  In 2020, we haven’t had enough rain to notice, but it probably is better at this point.