The Rio Crossing Homeowners Association is a non-profit corporation — it’s a business!  Any active business has projects, and we are no exception.

Below is a lengthy list of projects, including some that are in the planning stage, some that are in progress, and some that have been suggested but aren’t yet on their way to the “active” stage.  Check back here often to stay up to date on what we’re doing in the community.

In-Progress Projects

Projects which have been approved and are being executed.

Irrigation Controller Upgrades

Funded for 3 years of additional payments of (amount) to Stillwater out of Reserve Funds at the (which meeting).  Replaces 6 of the 9 irrigation controllers (identify which are not being replaced) with a “smart controller” system.

Stillwater has received most of the equipment.  Installation is imminent.

Historical Document Assessment and Storage

A no-cost project to obtain and evaluate the archival documents from CPMC and Trestle to make them usable and easily accessible by the Association.

Ray has obtained the documents via CD from AAM, and has been evaluating ways to extract and store the documents so they will be useful and easily accessed for historical purposes.  No definitive end date.

Social Media Policy Creation

A no-cost project to develop and submit a Social Media Policy.

The policy was presented in draft form at a previous meeting.  It is being updated, and will be presented at a future board meeting.

Web Site Redesign

A no-cost project to revamp in a number of ways, including:

  • Consider using domain name to reflect official HOA-authorized content
  • Change of font, colors, layout to be more appealing, vibrant
  • Create effective, usable document archive approach
  • Update with a wider range of helpful information and content applicable to resident owners, tenant residents, and remote owners/investors.

After a recent problem with the existing site, a redesign is underway, available for preliminary viewing at No established end date.

Approved Projects – Authorized But Not Started

Projects which have been authorized to begin, but whose execution has not yet begun.

Granite Replacement

Stillwater project approved for Green and Blue areas to have granite replacement, at a cost of approximately $75,000 from Reserves.  Approved at August 2018 Regular Meeting.

Not yet started.

Proposed Projects

Projects which for which the board is actively gathering information, but have not been approved with funding.

Block Wall Remediation

The board has discussed the issues relating to block wall deficiencies for many months.  Recently the board has agreed for the need to evaluate the problem in detail by knowledgeable contractors, and proceed with identification of potential fixes.  Locations need to be documented.

This was approved for initial evaluation, but a full scale project has not been approved.

Deferred Projects

Projects which have been suggested and are considered desirable, but not yet approved for planning.

CC&R Amendments

The board decided at the July 2018 meeting to defer planning a vote on CC&R amendments so that voting on the amendments would coincide with the 2019 Annual Member Meeting.  Amendments considered include:

  • Removing language relating to Declarant – the developer. This language is no longer relevant, and is often very confusing to homeowners.
  • Resolve discrepancies noted by attorney relating to parking enforcement. Board felt we cannot move forward with consideration of parking enforcement until this discrepancy in the CC&Rs is resolved.

Association Landscape Compliance

The Landscape Management Plan filed with the City of Avondale in 2005 has very specific requirements for vegetation around the community.  Due to storm damage and other issues, many trees and shrubs have been removed, resulting in being non-compliant with the approved plan.  Though the city has not pressed the issue, many homeowners would like to see the vegetation brought back to a more fully planted condition.

Treeáge, and local landscape consulting company, met with the board to present their findings that the soil condition in the community is not capable of supporting the types of vegetation required on the landscape plan, and they have submitted a proposal to assist us in developing a new landscape plan that is sustainable.

Proposal submitted; board deferred until after election, with guidance that a full multi-year project plan should be developed before proceeding.

Suggested Projects

Project ideas which have been proposed by the community or the board, but which have not yet been fully reviewed and assessed.

Postal Drop Box

Recommended by homeowner: There is no USPS drop box nearby.  Can we get one put in by USPS, or install one ourselves?

Signs at Parks and Green Belts

Trash pickup is complicated by increasing presence of broken glass.  If it’s not our own residents trashing the place, we should put up notice that this is for Rio Crossing residents and guests only.  There is a recommendation to consider signs near playground/ramadas stating “No Glass” and “Rio Crossing Residents and Their Guests Only”.

Review CC&Rs and Architectural Guidelines for Violation Enforcement

Follow-on to work started by Julia in early 2018, where the individual violations were evaluated by board members to prioritize.  This could be expanded to include opinion poll from Rio Crossing residents as input .  Should also consider revamping violation notices to include an appropriate resolution time depending on violation, and “repeat offender” tracking (bulk trash too early, trash/recycle out too late, etc.).

This project should include notification of members for “renewed enforcement” initiatives with warning period, along with good documentation of guidelines.

Completed Projects

Approved projects which have been completed – this list is incomplete and will be expanded at a later date!

Zollack painting of steel fencing, mail boxes, graffiti areas.

Rejected Projects

Projects rejected, after review by the board

Installation of Signs at Entrances

No location could be found that would be approved by the City of Avondale.