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Social Event, Online?

I know this whole COVID thing has been dragging on for a year or more now. For those of you that liked getting out in the neighborhood for a community event now and then — we miss having “movie in the park” night, and especially our Winter Festivals!

I’ve been wondering… are there online events that Rio Crossing residents would like? I know some of you (or your kids) play online games, some of you would love to have a little “chat with your neighbors” night (while others may hate Zoom — understandable!).

I’m not sure what we could do, or who would be interested. But if you have some ideas about ways this could work, I’d love to hear about them. Use the Feedback page to let me know.

Do You Podcast?

I’ve done a few short-run podcasts in my day, and they’re actually easier to put together than most things I do for Rio Crossing social-media wise.

I’ve set up a podcast for Rio Crossing, more or less on a trial basis to see if there’s really any interest. Check out the Podcast home here on Anchor.FM, and if you’re a big podcast listener, you’ll find links there to podcasts on a number of popular sources, including Apple and Google.

If you really like podcasts and have suggestions for topics, or would maybe consider chatting with me on a podcast — any topic you like (within reason!) — send me a note from the web site’s Feedback page.

March 2020 News!

You can get your March 2020 news in so many ways!

If you want to watch (or re-watch!) specific items from the YouTube video, but don’t want to wade through all of them, look for the topic below and click the link to go direct to that topic in the video:

  1. Check your first quarter assessments – link
  2. Heatherbrae Entrance and the Landscape Revitalization Pilot Project – link
  3. Community Town Hall – Saturday March 21 at 11am at Roma Park – link
  4. Monthly Meeting Dates and Venue Changes – next meeting Thursday March 12 at Avondale City Hall – link
  5. Revisions to Policies: Collections, Violation & Fines – link
  6. Register for access at – link
  7. Changes to Architectural Request Review Process – changes to Design Review Committee meeting processes – link
  8. Can You Volunteer an Hour a Month? – link
  9. Holiday Decorations Should Be Down By Now – link
  10. Vehicle Parking on Lot and Bulk Trash Violations – link
  11. Maintenance of Home Exteriors – link
  12. Upcoming Social Events – link
  13. Tenant Registration Policy – link
  14. Tot Lot Sand Sifting – link
  15. Avondale Police Department Community Resource Program – visit by Officer Archer and Vice Mayor Pat Dennis – link

2018 Year In Review

It’s a valid question:

What has the Rio Crossing Homeowners Association done for me lately?

Read a review of the last year’s activities and significant events, which includes the following major sections:

  • Community Appearance
  • Communication
  • Social Events
  • Updates to Policies & Rules
  • Management Company Software
  • Finances

It’s an 8 page document with several “before and after” pictures of maintenance activities, and discussion of the many efforts that took place throughout 2018.