Violations for April 2021

Every now and then an owner contacts me and wants to know why they’re being “picked on” for weeds, parking on gravel, trash and early bulk articles, and trash cans left out. The point to a neighbor’s house and say, “Why don’t they get a violation notice?”

If you got a notice, I won’t tell anyone. And if “they” got a notice, I won’t tell you. But I will put up this chart about all the violation notices sent out in April:

Violations by Category for the month of April 2021

You’ll see two “Thank You” notices were sent out. When the management company sees a home that looks extra spiffy, they do take the time to send out a nice note.

I know a lot of people think these notices are stupid. There are others in the community that don’t think we write enough of them. We try to find a balance between “hard line” and “oh my, look at that mess!”. That’s why the first notice is often called a Courtesy Notice. No fine, no pressure. In fact, if you’ve got an extenuating circumstance, call or email our Community Manager and explain, and she’ll let you know if there are work-arounds or other things we can suggest to help.

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