An Email From Santa…

Santa arrives at the Rio Crossing 2018 Winter Festival courtesy of the Avondale Fire Department.

Well, for everyone that came out to the Rio Crossing 2018 Winter Festival yesterday, it was quite a success!  Snow, food trucks, vendors tables, bouncy castle, cornhole (bean-bag toss game), and even a visit from Santa Claus, who arrived by fire truck from the Avondale Fire Department.

Santa wrote me an Email this morning letting me know he arrived safely back at the North Pole, and how much he enjoyed meeting everyone yesterday.  He also sent me a short note to deliver to all of you. Enjoy!

Hello, Everyone!

I had a wonderful time yesterday at the Rio Crossing 2018 Winter Festival!

First of all, I want to say I was very impressed with all the children who came to visit me – from the youngest to the oldest.  Each and every one of you was so well behaved and friendly, and it made my brief visit to your community quite the highlight of my community visits this year!  Of course, there were a few young ones who were a little unsure of this old man and his beard, but I hope to see everyone again next year, each of you eager to see me and tell me your wishes.

I was particularly pleased with the number of you who said “spend more time with my family” was high on your list of wishes.  Around the holiday season when there seems like there is so much to do, I hope that every family will spend special time together, feeling the joy and love that you have for each other.

I know some of you weren’t quite sure of your wish list when you visited me, and I mentioned having parents email me with any late list items.  I asked your community to set up a special email address just for Rio Crossing residents, and so I invite parents (and kids, with parent’s permission) to send me their lists to me here: [email protected]

Parents, I was also impressed with each of you! You were patient with Santa while he spent time with other kids, and were kind to everyone around you.  Thank you for taking such good care of your family, and raising such fine young people.  See… I’m watching parents, too!  I appreciate all the good things that you do, for your family, friends, and community.

After two hours of chatting and picture-taking, the line to see Santa was finally empty, but Santa hadn’t had enough fun, so I walked around the park a bit, chatting with more kids and parents, and even more picture taking.  I had a wonderful time meeting all of you, and so look forward to being invited to visit Rio Crossing again next year!

A special thanks to the Avondale Fire Department and Firefighter Tim for giving Santa a fun-filled tour of your community as part of my ride to Rio Crossing.

I wish all of you a safe and loving holiday season – whatever your beliefs, enjoy the miracles that love can bring when you are together.  Take care of each other, and be kind and friendly to all you meet – now and throughout 2019!

Love to all,