Contact Us

As with most HOAs, the HOA itself doesn’t maintain an office.  Your best bet is to contact AAM, the management company hired by the Association to provide day-to-day support.  Please choose the most appropriate option below:

Management Company – AAM

Contact information for AAM, including Customer Service and our Community Manager, is also available at this web page.

Customer Service

AAM’s Customer Service Representatives can handle many things, and if they can’t handle it directly, they can help you get in contact with the right person.  Please see this Customer Service web page or the AAM web page for more information.

Community Manager

Our Community Manager is Melanie Veach.  The best way to reach her is via Email at  See the AAM web page for her phone number, as well as the contact information for her administrative assistant.

Community Emergency

In the event of an emergency within the community (bees on community property, for example), see the AAM web page (near the bottom) for the emergency pager.

Rio Crossing Homeowners Association

While we recommend you consider contacting the management company for most matters, we realize you may want to speak directly to someone in the Association.

Board of Directors

Technically speaking, the Board of Directors only have authority to act and speak at the board meetings.  If you have a concern that needs to be addressed by them, please forward your concern/issue to the Community Manager, and she will place the item on the next meeting agenda.  It would be helpful if you would attend the board meeting to answer any questions the board might have.

Association Officers

The Association’s Bylaws (see Article 4) discuss the Officers of the Association.  Often, the people who are Officers are also on the Board of Directors, but their role as Officers, they have some “powers and duties” that are not limited to the official board meeting.  As such, some officers may make themselves available for direct contact by members of the association.