Association Staff

Board of Directors

Directors are elected by Members of the Association at each Annual Meeting, normally in September of each year.  There are currently 5 Directors.  Directors set policy at Regular Board Meetings typically held monthly on the fourth Thursday, and when necessary, at Special Board Meetings held at other times.

This list shows the slate of Directors elected at the Annual Member Meeting in September 2018 for the coming year.

Julia Anderson

Julia has been a board member in Rio Crossing for many years.  She has a wealth of historical knowledge that is invaluable to new board members.

Ray Harwood

Ray has been a board member since 2017.  He is also the Social Media Liaison, responsible for the mailing list and this web site.

Andres Montoya

Andres has been a board member since October 2017, and was recently re-elected in September 2018.

Stephanie Hernandez

As a CPA, Stephanie began assisting the board as Treasurer in November 2017, but was not on the board at that time.  In July 2018, she was appointed to fill the board seat vacated by Lori McDonald.

She was re-elected to the board in September 2018.

Ryan Van Patten

Ryan is the newest Director, elected in September 2018.

Association Officers

Officers of the Association are appointed by the newly-elected Board at their first meeting.  The Bylaws specify the duties of the officers, which generally spans the time between Board Meetings.  Only the President must be a Director; the other officers can be non-Directors.

This list shows the slate of officers elected by the previous Board of Directors in October 2017.  The new slate of Officers will be elected by the new slate of Directors at their first meeting.

Julia Anderson
Ray Harwood
Stephanie Hernandez

Management Company

Our current management company is AAM (short for Associated Asset Management).  We are supported directly by one community manager and an administrative assistant, though there are numerous additional support staff that handle such things as accounting.

Melanie Veach
Community Manager
Susan Coupal
Administrative Assistant
Customer Service Staff


(Committee information to be added soon)