We’re in the process of putting together a collection of documents you may want to download.  Sensitive information won’t be on here, but we’re planning to include the following:

  • Governing documents:
  • Meeting Information:
    • Announcements of upcoming Regular and Special meetings
    • Agendas, in advance of meetings
    • Summaries, not long after meetings
    • Minutes, including draft and approved
  • Others:
    • Newsletters

Naming Convention

All meeting document names in the official archive of the Association are renamed to the following format:


… where:

  • year-month-day is generally the day of the event represented (the date of the meeting, not the date that the document was created); for some documents, however, it is the date of the original document.
  • MeetingType is only used with meeting-related documents, and can be Regular Board Meeting, Special Board Meeting, Annual Member Meeting, or other similar name (with spaces removed)
  • DocumentType is Minutes, Agenda, Summary, (committee or submitter name) Report, Financial Report, or other representative name (with spaces removed)
  • Status is an indication of whether a document is a Working document, Draft (unofficial), or Approved (official); for committee reports, Status might be Submitted (as provided to the board by the committee) or Revised (if the board moves to amend the report).
  • Revision is optional, and without a Revision indicator is the “original version”; subsequent iterations should typically be labelled Rev1 for the first revision, Rev2 for the second, and so on.  The date of the revision should be included in the document body, but if not or if needed for historical clarity, the date (in yyyy-mm-dd format) can be included after the Revision indicator, with an intervening dash.