Our management company has a web site where you can download all of the documents that are considered “governing documents”, including the CC&Rs, Bylaws, various important policies, and association rules.

To access these documents, you’ll need the account number from your most-recent statement from the association.  Create an “access code” as follows:  the letter “V”, your 7-digit account number, and the 4-digit code for Rio Crossing of “0217”.  Go to this web site and enter that access code.  You’ll be taken to a web page with all of the available documents in PDF form.  I highly recommend downloading all of them to a place on your computer for your future reference.

If you are unable to locate your account number, or otherwise unable to get access to the documents, make a request through this feedback/request page.

Some documents you may want to download are available here. 

  • Governing documents:
  • Meeting Information:
    • Announcements of upcoming Regular and Special meetings
    • Agendas, in advance of meetings
    • Summaries, not long after meetings
    • Minutes, including draft and approved
  • Others:
    • Newsletters