November Meetings

Two meetings this month. Read this announcement!

There will be a Special Board Meeting for the Rio Crossing Homeowner Association this Saturday, November 16 at 11am at the Ramada adjacent to Roma Avenue at Roma Park.

The topics are:

  • Appointments of board member replacements due to resignation
  • 2020 Budget discussion and approval
  • Landscape Goals discussion
  • Removal or change of sign along 123rd
  • Discussion about selection of community manager

Some of these topics were taken from the planned agenda for the Regular Board Meeting, in order to ensure that Wednesday’s meeting would be completable on time.

All homeowners are invited to attend.

The Regular Board Meeting for the month of November is scheduled for Wednesday November 20, 2019 at 7pm at the Palm Valley Community Center. Note this is being held on the third Wednesday of the month.

The draft agenda is available here. Note that some of the topics from this Regular Meeting are now scheduled for the Special Meeting noted above.

The regular monthly meeting of the Design Review Committee will meet at 6:30pm, just before the Regular Board Meeting.